Yashdeep Patil-Mangore
Aadhishree Sales and Services

2813/28B, B Ward, Belbag, Opp. Punyapavitra society, Kolhapur. 416012
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About Us

All type consultancy services for Bazar, Mini Market, Super Market, Retail Shopee and Retail Chain Stores.


Spot Selection Of Store

⚫ R&D For 15 Days Of Store Spot
⚫ Area Where Store Located
⚫ Foot Fall Of Customer Nearest Stores
⚫ Which Products Frequently Purchase By Customer
⚫ Average Sale Of Nearest Store

Finance & Licence

⚫ Project Preparation For Bank
⚫ Fulfilment Of Project Loans
⚫ MSME & Gumasta
⚫ FSSAI & Packaging Licence
⚫ GST & Income Tax

Design and Display

⚫ Design Store Interior and Frontage Store
⚫ Formation Of Store
⚫ Display Of Focus Brands
⚫ Visibility Of Products and Store
⚫ Natural Visible View

Sales and Service Education

⚫ Owner Education of:-
⚫ How To Run Business Successfully (Sales & Service)
⚫ Business Tools
⚫ Staff Selection & Education Of Sales & Service

Dead Stock Inventory Control

⚫ Combo Product
⚫ Creative Offers For Sale With Same Category Products
⚫ New Ideas To Movement Of Dead Stock
⚫ Special Services To Customer

Store Filling & Vendors

⚫ Creation Of Store Code With Branded Vendors
⚫ Purchase Of Products For Store Filling